The List

Hey, Hey, Hey! Good evening to all you WordPress readers! Today I am going to participate in my first Way Back Wednesday! I never really pay attention to these but what I ran into today calls for a post!

So this weekend is my first weekend off since 1997! Or Christmas 2013. I am currently working full time with a partner of Save the Children and also serving tables on the side during the weekends. I never get a break! But what can I say…those are my choices and I am a workaholic. Anyways, I am super excited for Super Bowl Sunday (Go Seahawks!) and cannot wait to whip out the Pinterest recipes and football shaped desserts! You can follow me on Pinterest as well to check out my extensive online collection of other peoples recipes! Haha! Now, you can really tell your getting older when you have a day off and look forward to doing laundry, organizing your dresser, cleaning the bathroom, and grocery shopping without feeling like your in a rush for your 4 PM shift.

With work being so busy and overwhelming the past few weeks I needed a weekend to slow down and do what I wanted to with my time. So I was thinking I should cross something off my bucket list! Now back in 2012 I started a Bucketlist blog but of course I never finished it (or continued with it). But I’m glad I had saved it just so I could have my Bucketlist to look at. As I was skimming through it I’m glad I found I crossed a few things off the list and look forward to many more experiences. And Saturday would be a great day to cross one of those numbers off!

Here is my list:

  1. Attend church every Sunday
  2. Don’t procrastinate
  3. Go sky diving
  4. Ride an elephant
  5. See the northern lights
  6. Study abroad
  7. Fall in love✔
  8. Learn all the words to Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”
  9. Watch a live Laker game✔
  10. Go rock climbing
  11. Buy a surf board(and surf)
  12. Sing karaoke
  13. Go to a Nicki Minaj concert
  14. Earn a 3.5 GPA
  15. Participate in a dance performance✔
  16. Ride along in a police car(but not in handcuffs)
  17. Go to Disneyland during Christmas time
  18. Swim with dolphins
  19. Get a tattoo✔
  20. Do a summersault/backflip
  21. Have an absolutely unforgettable 21st birthday in Las Vegas✔
  22. Hold a snake
  23. Smash an ant with my finger
  24. Make crème brulee
  25. Stargaze
  26. Play an intercollegiate sport
  27. See snow fall
  28. Taste escargot
  29. Go to Brazil’s Carnival
  30. Hang a positive phrase on a bridge over a freeway
  31. Serve at a soup kitchen✔
  32. Cater for a party
  33. Make a wedding cake
  34. Buy a starbucks for the person behind me✔
  35. Build a house for Habitat for Humanity
  36. Take pictures in a photo booth
  37. Cheer at an SDSU basketball game ✔
  38. Go to a live stand-up comedy ✔
  39. Dye my hair✔
  40. Invest in the stock market
  41. Make a pizza/ and toss the dough in the air
  42. Eat fondue
  43. Dance in a flash mob ✔
  44. Make truffles✔
  45. Flip a pancake in a pan
  46. Learn the cannonbell wedding song on piano
  47. Take a salsa dancing lesson
  48. Get toned
  49. Hike to the two trees
  50. Throw a huge party
  51. Go on a date at a drive in✔
  52. Learn to snowboard ✔
  53. Ride a mechanical bull
  54. Take a pole dancing class
  55. Get hypnotized
  56. Walk on the golden gate bridge
  57. Slide down a fire pole
  58. Spin a basketball on my finger
  59. Make a snow angel ✔
  60. Go horseback riding
  61. Shoot a bow and arrow
  62. Shoot a gun
  63. Run a 5k
  64. See a volcano
  65. Go to an aquarium
  66. Fly on an airplane✔
  67. Go scuba diving
  68. See a glacier
  69. Explore a cave
  70. Whitewater raft
  71. Bungee jump
  72. Milk a cow
  73. Watch a sunset ✔
  74. Watch a sunrise
  75. Make a snow angel
  76. Meet someone famous
  77. Give Blood
  78. Write a letter to myself in the future
  79. Volunteer at a hospital
  80. Fly in a hot air balloon
  81. Plant a tree
  82. Own a pet
  83. Write a letter to 3 of my closest friends telling them how much I love them
  84. Go wine tasting
  85. Go on a spontaneous random trip
  86. Learn how to change a car tire
  87. Get a passport
  88. Travel to Australia
  89. Go to Mexico
  90. Fly a kite
  91. Go snow sledding
  92. Encourage 8 people to start their own bucket list
  93. See a real cherry blossom
  94. Fly in a helicopter
  95. Catch a firefly
  96. Learn a magic trick
  97. See the Egyptian pyramids
  98. Skip a pebble on water
  99. Kiss in the rain
  100. Sit on the four corners of the four touching states
  101. Ride on a motorcycle
  102. Go skinny dipping
  103. Visit the Vatican
  104. Be an extra in a movie
  105. Go shopping on rodeo drive
  106. Learn to drive a stick shift
  107. Go to Niagra Falls
  108. See the Grand Canyon
  109. See the Hoover Dam
  110. Learn how to check and change the oil in my car
  111. Jump off of Cedar Falls
  112. Ride a jetski
  113. Go to a museum at balboa park ✔
  114. Feed a wild animal
  115. Tie a cherry with my tongue
  116. Paint a part of a street mural
  117. Drink eggnog
  118. Climb the sand dune along the PCH ✔
  119. Eat a hotdog off a cart in New York
  120. Participate in a mud run
  121. Drive down the musical road in Lancaster, CA
  122. Go zip lining
  123. Carve my name in a tree
  124. Get a bikini wax
  125. Get something published
  126. Win something on the radio✔
  127. Whistle with two fingers
  128. Work at an internship that I love
  129. So readers tell me! Which one shall I complete this Saturday? Your call! I want to know what’s on YOUR Bucketlist? Any suggestions you have to add to mine?



The Comeback

Well, well, well…Hello all three of my loyal and sincere followers! I awaken once again and I am guessing you are reading this for one of two reasons, either 1. You have subscribed as a follower of mine eons ago when I first attempted the work of blogging and are now receiving an email notification to pester you to LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME! or 2. You are reading this blog post because you are a new follower or passerby who came across this post in my archive/museum admiring my work as I now have millions of followers and this post is now very old and outdated.

Well, this I CLAIM is my second debut and my return to this virtual world. Why? Because I’ve always taken an interest in blogging. Because all the jobs and careers I want require some sort of media and social networking expertise. And because it is very strategic move to put all your personal business online for the public to see and access whenever and wherever they choose…I may as well go ahead and disclose my social security while we’re at it.

As the title of my blog claims, I cannot finish a thing, yet now in this new year I need to change that little characteristic. Therefore, I will be needing a new blog name! Suggestions?! Suggestions?! Just to give you a little help, this blog’s content will still be about me, my everyday life, and my life pursuits. So you can see this is entirely appropriate to ask others what I should title a blog about myself as you all know as much about me as I have disclosed on this website (including my social security) 😉 Maybe I will actually have to do a little brainstorming myself after all…

Comments?? I love people who acknowledge my online existence and look forward to the little *Ding* notification that your comment has allowed me the privilege of hearing from the phone in my back jean pocket! Toddles!

Channeling My Inner Beyonce

So there was a football game at the Beyonce concert this Sunday and she killed it!

Some of my favorite B songs when I’m channeling my inner fabulousness..”Some call it arrogance, I call it confidant!”

And my favorite! always thought the video could have been way better but you do yo thang B!