The Comeback

Well, well, well…Hello all three of my loyal and sincere followers! I awaken once again and I am guessing you are reading this for one of two reasons, either 1. You have subscribed as a follower of mine eons ago when I first attempted the work of blogging and are now receiving an email notification to pester you to LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME! or 2. You are reading this blog post because you are a new follower or passerby who came across this post in my archive/museum admiring my work as I now have millions of followers and this post is now very old and outdated.

Well, this I CLAIM is my second debut and my return to this virtual world. Why? Because I’ve always taken an interest in blogging. Because all the jobs and careers I want require some sort of media and social networking expertise. And because it is very strategic move to put all your personal business online for the public to see and access whenever and wherever they choose…I may as well go ahead and disclose my social security while we’re at it.

As the title of my blog claims, I cannot finish a thing, yet now in this new year I need to change that little characteristic. Therefore, I will be needing a new blog name! Suggestions?! Suggestions?! Just to give you a little help, this blog’s content will still be about me, my everyday life, and my life pursuits. So you can see this is entirely appropriate to ask others what I should title a blog about myself as you all know as much about me as I have disclosed on this website (including my social security) 😉 Maybe I will actually have to do a little brainstorming myself after all…

Comments?? I love people who acknowledge my online existence and look forward to the little *Ding* notification that your comment has allowed me the privilege of hearing from the phone in my back jean pocket! Toddles!


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