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My roommate and I got a little carried away on this DIY project! After picking up some Mod Podge, silver glitter and a black sponge painters brush we went at it! Candle votives, picture frames, vases, you name it, it got glitter! It’s so easy and addicting, pretty and pleasing and here’s the how-to…


  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Black Sponge Painter’s Brush


1. Lay out some paper underneath the object you will be working on to sprinkle the glitter.

*This is  important to keep clean and help you save any unused glitter after

2. If working with an object you do not wish to glitter entirely, add tape at the desired spot you want the glitter to stop.

3.  Apply a dime size amount of Mod Podge to the sponge brush and brush onto the are desired to be glittered.

4. Sprinkle glitter onto the Mod Podge above the paper.


5. Let dry for roughly 5 minutes before shaking off any excess glitter above the paper


6. Reapply Mod Podge where glitter has not stuck to object.

7. Reapply glitter on top of freshly painted Mod Podge


8. Shake off excess glitter and set overnight for it to dry.


9.Take paper and fold in half to slide excess glitter back into the container.


Many suggest buying a sealant to hold the glitter in place but I don’t plan on tossing my picture frame around like a Frisbee or any other outrageous activities other than to sit on my desk and bask in it’s prettiness, so naturally a starving college student would turn to her handy dandy HAIRSPRAY which worked just fine for me!

photo(5) photo(4)

Hope you guys enjoy the DIY! Let me know of any cool things you Mod Podge and send pictures too! ❤

*Be sure to rinse the sponge brush after use to preserve it for future activities


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