Sugar Rush

Have you ever planned a party and with all the hustle and bustle forgot to buy or bake a cake? Without a couple eggs, milk, oil, etc. you would need to run to the grocery store when you may not have the time.  Instead of stressing grab a cake box and a can of soda and your good to go! This is also great for when you want to save your eggs and milk for breakfast the next day!


  • Cake Mix
  • 1 Can of Soda

*Bake as long as directed by instructions on the box


If cake mix is for a yellow cake, white cake, or any other light color keep in mind the color of the soda you use will alter the color of the mix.  Although this will not change the flavor of the cake mix.

cake batter

I used a strawberry mix and the batter was still pink but also had a brownish tint.  7up and other clear sodas are said to work as well to keep to the true color of the cake batter but I have not tried these yet.

Pour out the batter, throw it in the oven and get back to your hostessing duties!





photo(2) photo(3)


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