Put Your Mind To It


The mind is an extraordinary tool. You can change your circumstances, views, perspective and enlighten yourself all by changing your mindset. If you really pause and think about how your mood is affecting your actions you will realize how changing your attitude can change your situation. So many times I will catch myself in a bum mood and quite instantly realize how unnecessary and exhausting it is to be bringing my own self down. If only I had made a conscious effort to have a positive outlook I could have been more polite to that passerby, or handled that situation differently. I could have been more productive instead of sluggishly avoiding the task. These are all inefficiencies that I could avoid in my life and help me strive to be a better person. So starting tomorrow i vow to make more of a conscious effort to wake up all sunshiny with flowers growing out of my ass just like the ones depicted here 🙂 Right after my all nighter…
Are there any qualities you are trying to focus on to improve yourself too?


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